Monday, February 18, 2008


Finally got a breather to sit down and read! I'm so excited about "Baby R!" Congratulations! Better you than me! 1 down, 1 almost there, 1 to go! Only 7 more years! I have been raising children for 19 years, I can be cynical!

Well, the new trucking company is up and operating! We have all of our DOT stuff in place the intrastate, interstate, IRP, UCR, IFTA, etc. (I've been bordering on a mental episode for a month!) Mark and his partner have gotten 6 new accounts (with their 6 old accounts), so they are rolling trucks all over (I expect to be rolling in to a mental ward soon.)

Daycare is busy, busy! My director just had her baby Saturday nite, so I'm back at work (yeah!)(NOT!)

The only hope for my sanity is that Nascar season started this week! YEAH! However, I missed the biggest race of the year because I had to make a trucking run to Atoka right as the race started!! (my daycare director's husband is one of our drivers, so he is off, so guess who had to go!) I'll let that one slide since we are taking off to go to the Texas race in April.

I've got great pictures to share, but until I have time to get my laptop fixed, I can't get to them. One piece of advice to all - BACKUP YOUR HARD DRIVE!

Love to all!

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Granny Annie said...

Sounds like your various business endeavors are going very well. We certainly are proud and amazed at your determination.

Can't wait for you to be able to post some pictures.