Thursday, February 21, 2008


well, it's that time of year....oscar time! i'm lucky enough to get to go again this year. i think i'm pretty much ready. i'm wearing the same dress i wore last year, as i'm super lazy and hate shopping. joe will be wearing the same suit but a different tie....why is it so easy for men? i got my hair cut - it looked so nice when i left the salon, now it looks like the same pile of crap on my head thats always on my head...i tried to recreate the look yesterday morning - it didn't turn out too well. luckily i usually wear a little knit cap to work ;)

i'll be sure to tell george clooney and daniel day-lewis you all said hi! i'll head-butt michael moore too.

any bets on best picture?

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Granny Annie said...

Oh Jessi, I'm so excited! We will look for you again. Ron even watched some of it last year to help me look. Now, if Chelle didn't have the flu, she and I could rush to your aid and fix your hair!!! LOL Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait....and have no bets on who will win what.