Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Sale

Well, today was an interesting day. About two weeks ago I sold 500 pocket folders to my networking group. I ordered them from one of our vendors and was told that I would have them at our shop in ten days. Since we didnt print them in house I was a little worried that everything come off without a hitch. The people that I was delivering to are not just potential customers, they are also people that can make alot of recomendations to others. I called to check on the progress of our vendor on monday and they were still in production. That got me worried because I knew that it would take at least two days to ship and I had to have them for my lunch meeting today. I explained this to the person I was talking to and they told me they would try and get them here in time. Tuesday morning we got a fax that they had been shiped and I crossed my fingers in hopes that they would get here in time (since I had already told everyone that they would be). This morning I called to get the tracking number for the order and found out that they were on a truck heading for our office, the problem is that they UPS truck dosnt arive at our office till around 2PM. I told my boss about the situation and he got on the phone with UPS and the next thing I know, he is heading out the door to meet the truck and get my pocket folders. He got back just in time for me to check and rebox the order and head out to lunch. needless I was the big hero at lunch and everyone loved the folders. Hopefully I'll get some future orders now that everyone knows that I can deliver :-)



Granny Annie said...

Remember when you used to get to mad at the salesmen when they bugged you about the orders they sold? Now you are both salesman and pressman so I guess you have to bug yourself. LOL

Proud this sale worked out for you.

Elenore said...

Congrats Tbill! One of these'll own the place. : )