Sunday, February 3, 2008

the fun of teenagedom

Hello family this will be my first entry into the new blog. (This is Ryan by the way.) I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as my dad is. Well i guess I should give some insight into my very eventful life. I just broke up with my girlfriend a couple weeks ago. If you came to see me in "You're a Goodman Charlie Brown" you would have seen her as one of the girls in the chorus. Well like I said we just broke up. I was depressed for a couple days but I slowly became my usual spastic self again. I am currently looking for a date to my school formal. I shouldn't have to many problems choosing someone because as my dad said in his entry I have a "flock of puppies" following me anywhere i go. I am also having an awesome year in band. I was first chair all last semester and this semester i made it into the percussion ensemble. It's very cool. I'm making lots of new friends and basically having a good time. Well my dad is telling me to get off the computer and go to bed so i will have to post again soon. I hope everyone is enjoying the blog. well goodbye


Granny Annie said...

Yea Ryan! It will be great if your siblings and cousins follow your example.

It is sad that you and Rachel broke up. She was a cutie. But, as you have learned, there are lots of fish in the sea. Do you think you should have picked the girl your dad suggested? LOL

Elenore said...

Ryan, you make we old folk wish for our teenage years once again. : ) It can be fun, rewarding but also painful! Keep focus on the fun and rewarding. I am so proud of you. : )