Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day one :-)

Well its the end of day one and I'm so excited about the responce from the family. As I was reading I realised that when I posted my little blurb I did not include anything about my own family. Its all pretty basic around here these days. Work is great. I have moved into the exciting world of sales. I have also joined a networking group that meets every thursday for lunch and lead exchanges. I havnt decided if I like the leads or the lunch better :-) we meet at the green oinion and the food is delicious. The kids are very busy with school and there social lives. Between school and the church they cant decide where their best friends are. Thank god for the internet and MySpace. Other wise I would not be able to afford the cell phone bill LOL. As some of you know I bought a new car a couple months ago. The car is great but the warenty is even better. I learned that roadside assistance is included with the warenty when I sent dillon out to the car to start it two weeks ago. He got the car started and like the responsable young man that he is he locked the doors when he got out. after calling two diffrent locksmith's and finding out that they were all too busy to come unlock my running car I remembered that the car sales man mentioned something about roadside assistance. I called the dealership and found out that I did have it and the car was open and we were off to get our donouts within 15 minutes of calling. not bad huh? and did I mention that it didnt cost me a penny..... unless of course you count the price of the very expensive new car sitting in my drive way LOL. Anyway. dillon is now off the hook for his mental lapse because last night after watching his wonderful performance in the one act play that his drama class presented. (Dillon was the best, by the way :-) I discovered that I, yes, I had locked the keys in the car. so once again we made the call to GM roadside assistance and within 15 minutes we were back in the car and off to enjoy the rest of our evening :-).
There is more of course. Besides Dillon and his drama, Beth and Ryan have drama of their own. Beth lives for school and wednesday nights. Her boyfriend at school is the little brother of one of dillon's buddies so I get regular updates on how that is going and weather or not dillon is keeping track of his sister like every big brother should. I did meet the young man in question last night at the play and he seemed like a very nice young man. he came right over and introduced himself and shook my hand. and NO, I didnt kill him LOL Im sure beth thought I would. I also met Dillon's girlfriend. She was very sweet and pretty. after the play I got a great picture of her and dillon. I havent downloaded it yet so I cant post with this blog, sorry. Ryan is taking a break from women at the moment after ending his record two month relationship with Rachel :-( He was heart broken and made me remember highschool love lost. I'm sure that with all the girls at school and church that follow him like a flock of puppies he wont be heart broken for long. in the mean time he has school, band, and church to keep him busy. he tried out for and was excepted into the percussion ensemble at the high school and has to stay till 5 every wednesday. did I mention that they keep me hopping. oh well. I think thats enough for now. I'll try to keep it shorter next time. hope everyone is well and I'll be checking for more reports tomorow and the day after that and the day after that...... you get the idea :-)


Granny Annie said...

Tandy, I love your post. Isn't it funny how we talk on the phone and I say, "What's going on?" and you say "Not much." It's just like when you were a kid and I would ask you and Chelle something and neither one of you knew anything to tell me but you could tell Hilda EVERYTHING!

Elenore said...

Tandy.....good job! This is a great idea and will be so much fun catching up with the Fam. Sounds like all is well with you and yours. This wonderful blog brings Paul Harvey to mind when he says......"now you know the rest of the story". love you