Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bethie's Blog

Hello everybody! This is Beth right now. I hope all of you are having as much fun with this as my dad is! He just thinks hes brilliant for coming up with this idea. Well I dont really have as many things going on in my life right now but I'll say what is happening. As you might already know, I'm in my schools Beginning Band. I play the Flute. It is fun and really hard! I have it first hour so it usually wakes me up! I'm also in my schools science club. It is a lot of fun! They got Safari Joe to come and show us all these animals. There was a snake about two feet long, a tarantula (that freaked me out!), two more snakes, an alligator, a bird, cockroaches, snapping turtles, and regular turtles. There were some other animals to, but thats all I can remember right now. It was really cool! I got to hold them and pet the ones i wanted to! It was fun! There has been a person come and do a show called Mad Science and a lot of other people have come to. So in my life outside of school right now what is happening is my mom signed me up for softball this year! I am so happy! I've wanted to play softball for so long! But I haven't gotten to because Dillon and Ryan played baseball and it would be to hard to get me to the softball fields and the boys to different parts of the baseball fields at the same time. But Ryan isn't going to play it this year because he is going to do Drivers Ed instead. So I get to play! =) I have been practicing every day after school with Dillon. Well I have to go now. And thats about all going on right now for me. So bye-bye! It was nice to get to share this with everyone!


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Granny Annie said...

Wow Beth, for someone who says not much is happening, you sure are doing a LOT! I am happy that you are finally signed up for softball. You will probably be their most outstanding player:-) Thank you for this update!