Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, I thought I'd just let you know that today, I participated in the All District symphonic band concert. I auditioned last month and made seventh chair symphonic band (The top band) What this means is that I was the seventh best trombone player in the northeastern part of the state. At least of the eigth and ninth graders who tried out. I went to rehearsal all day yesterday, playing my trombone for FIVE HOURS. I think I cut my lips open in about twelve places. Today I rehearsed for the first part of the day, then at two o'clock we had our concert. Dad said he was totally blown away by the tone of the brass in our band. Afterwards I went out and met my family in the lobby, showing off my all district patch (Which will hopefully go on a Pride jacket some day) And finding out that my mom got me a placque with my name on it, and the T-shirt with everybody's name on the back. Childers had nine kids in the symphonic band(2 of which were first chair) and broken arrow had over 160 kids in all three bands combined. Anyways, I guess I've given you a sufficient update for now.