Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Cloelle was visiting her grandparents this week. Aunt Ann and Uncle Ron had to get in on the act, so we went to Pittsburg yesterday to see this little peadoodle. Cloelle was running the Russell household from the floor. Grandma Elenore was right there with her .. on the floor. Elenore found the best way to keep up with Cloelle was to get on her level. It was a sight to behold. We did get in a brief visit with Christy too and she is also a sight to behold. Now it is up to them to tell you anymore about themselves.

We were also treated to some new photos of Baby R. Leslie had emailed some new sonograms and it is shocking how much their expected sweetie has grown since the initial picture. Oh my goodness, with this fourth grandchild on the way for Elenore and David, it is going to be a while before Elenore gets off the floor!

Chelle, Mike, Hope are all getting over the flu. It hit Chelle the hardest, but she is back at work in a world of flu bugs. So far Kit's vitimin C is keeping him on the good health track. He has been a good caregiver.

Tandy was very excited about Ryan's percussion contest on Saturday. I hope they will all blog again soon and fill you in.

You can read what Jessi has been up to in the previous post. Ron and I saw her on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards and Tandy believes he saw her too. Now she is an old hand at the Oscars.

We're still hoping to get Terri and the kids at Easter. We are excited at the prospect of that visit.

After Christmas we received wonderful candy from Germany from Travis and Christiane. That was nice,but it was the last we heard from them. Oh these absent minded professors and scholars!

It is nice to see all the names of family members who have signed up for the blog and to read the posts of some. It is exciting to check in and see a new post and find out what is going on for our many, many loved ones!

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