Saturday, February 2, 2008

Something for us all

Hello family :-)
Welcome to my big idea. I thought, and now hope that everyone will want to participate in my experiment. What I'd like to see is everyone post to this blog when ever the mood strikes them. I'm sure that this will be a great way to update everyone about what's happening in your family or you might just want to post pictures or jokes or..... well you get the idea. Since Granny GG passed I feel like my information super highway has narrowed to a back ally. nobody comes to tulsa anymore and I'm not very good at picking up the phone and calling, but I do get on the computer every day and I will promise to peek at this site alot. This is not an order to participate but a leisurely invitation to share. Thanks for coming and I hope to see your news and pictures here in the future.


Granny Annie said...

Great idea Tandy! I hear Dillon helped you set this up. Way to go.

Elenore said...

Tandy....I am in that back alley with you. THis is a super idea to keep everyone in touch. Thank you.