Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jabber, Jabber

Let's see.....what can I say here that I haven't already yapped about over at my blog? Well, we started today wishing JESSI a HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY sending HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY to CALIN.

Thursday we had snow all day and the ground was covered. Most of it has melted and today was very pretty.

I want to tell about Kit's promotion at his work, but the Grafts should probably tell that. We were also hoping to see them this weekend but it looks like it might be a while longer before they visit.

Ron's backhoe is in the repair shop and he should get it back this week. Having those metal arms and legs transforms him.

We are glad to see that Terri checked in here and like the photo on her profile. We are looking for them to visit at Easter.

Tandy had a great idea and this is going to fun to watch as more family reports in.

First it is hard to believe Tandy started this then even harder to believe that Melissa, Terri and Print were the first to check in.


Elenore said...

I never get tired of your jabber. I am still looking for Terri's comment and picture. What is this about Kit's promotion?? Great news.

Melissa said...

Hey! I resent that! I'm the 2nd oldest cousin, it was my duty!!!

Granny Annie said...

Oops. Sorry Melissa. I'm not the least bit surprised that you were so quick to write a post!