Tuesday, February 26, 2008

oscar tales

ok, so - there i was, standing in the bar area, drinking severely overpriced champagne. when who walks past me? Daniel Day Lewis....he looked to be in a hurry, so i didn't say anything. later i saw steve carrell, i told him "you make me happy." i smiled and he shook my hand and said "that's very nice of you, thank you." that was my big one of the night, i really like that guy :) other than that we walked in with renee zellweger (not a big fan,) josh brolin and diane lane (we're watching lonesome dove right now!!) uuhhh, helen mirren was getting out of her limo as we were being ushered into the security tent. OOHH! kate blanchett - she was gorgeous! i just couldn't stand it!! i think i saw the back of julie christy. and we walked up the stairs with cameron diaz (why was she there?) and sean combs (p diddy - why was he there?)
i thought jon stewart was great (but i love him) apparently clooney got there early, so i only saw him during the show, on stage - he was really little from my vantage point :( saw john travolta going up the escalator to his car (after the show.) the guy who won for best make up (la vie en rose) asked joe for a light (we smoke that night, just in case johnny depp goes out there!) he let joe hold his oscar :)

all in all a very fun night - but for joe it's all downhill since he met clint last year...poor thing, that's why i'll be taking someone else next year. i think i'll start an essay writing contest....so send them to me - i'll give you all the address in an email or something. whoever wins, i'll take next year, but you have to pay your own airfare!! sorry...hey! you get to go to the oscars!! ha! good luck to all. i can be bribed....

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Granny Annie said...

I'm afraid to enter your contest because if I won I'd be afraid to attend. Meanwhile, you give a great account of the event! Who would have thought you would grow up and be rubbing elbows with all these celebs!