Friday, February 8, 2008


well, since haven't posted on my own blog since october, i have been urged to post here :) AND since i'm being paid to sit on my butt all day and "guard" tapes, i'm just bored enough to do it!

lot's of things have happened since october (one would hope.) so, i'll try to remember the good stuff!

joe and i went to hawaii for the first time! it was really beautiful, and we both needed it. we stayed at a beach front hotel!! so the first 10 pictures in the camera were the same, just the view from the room....really boring once we got home and looked at them ;) we saw sea turtles sun bathing! that was a highlight for the both of us :)

keith, travis and his girlfriend christiane came to see me for thanksgiving! that was great :) we had a wonderful time, and joe even got to carve the turkey - he'd never done it before, so he was afraid he'd mess it up, but he did fine. travis later told me that i had single handedly ruined movies and burritos for him. i took them to a very nice movie theater and fed them delicious burritos. mmmmmmm

i went home for christmas. i was glad that i missed the ice storm! sorry for all of you that didn't! i saw my dad and joe's family. i got a lovely shirt that reads "I love Tulsa" the "love" is, of course, communicated with a big red heart :)

we spent a quiet new year here in los angeles. we then got to see our precious OU Sooners choke away yet another bowl title....really? do they just not play in january?

then last weekend was my birthday! 31!! my friends kathrine, janet and mia came to see me. janet from san jose and the other two from seattle. good times and good food were had :)

that's about all i've got right now. i'm enjoying reading about everyone!! if my brother actually signs onto this thing, i might have a heart attack! so stay tuned :)


Granny Annie said...

Jessi, you are a good goddaughter. Now, if Travis posts I will be the one to have a heart attack. That would not be good...but a post from him would be good!

Elenore said...

Jessi, you lead an exciting life!! I want to hear about your exceptional job with the archives and famous people stories. So good to hear from you. Dave agrees with you about OU. Sad season! We would love to see you one of these days. love you. -e