Saturday, February 16, 2008

pictures from the Graggs

Hi everyone, I finally got a chance to sit down and check out Tandys blog and what a great idea.Everyone is doing fine here. Martin and I are working like crazy and when Im not working, Im either running someone else to work or watching Shyanne. Cody is working at the Elephant Bar restaurant and going to school which keeps him on his toes. We are all doing well I get to play with Shyanne all the time and we have sleepovers about twice a month. Here are some of the most recent pictures. I cant believe she will be 10 months on the first.Im still learning how to upload things on my computer so I hope these came thru.


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Granny Annie said...

Donna, it is fun to see you guys posting here. Sounds like you are busy, as usual. Wow, what a doll that Shyanne is! It is hard to believe she is approaching her first birthday.