Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

Goodmorning All!
I finally have time to post because I have NOTHING to do today!
That doesn't happen very often any more. For those of you who don't know
I started a new job in August. I am a Special Education Paraprofessional. I have three
awesome 1st grade kiddos that I hang out with everyday. It has been a very exhausting, emotional and educational experience for me so far, but I love it! The biggest challenge really
has been the adjustment for the whole family of Mom working full time.
Melissa I am amazed at how well you balance all the things you have going on!
Kit is doing really well at work.He just celebrated 15 years with the company and He got a promotion as Mom mentioned earlier.He is now the Mechanical and Measurement Technician for Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Peculiar Area.
It all started with Him trying to get a job in Edmond, Ok.. He didn't get that job :-( But he gets to take the place of the man who did :-). They offered him the job without even interviewing him,which is really kind of a big deal. I am so proud of him. Also it sounds like in a couple of years
it could still lead to a job in Edmond!

Michael is great. He is getting really involved in his Karate classes. We do that three nights a week but he would like to go more. He has also found a very fun youth group to be a part of and is looking forward to a retreat coming up that is about worshiping through creativity. I actually would like to go to that one too! He has a very sweet girlfriend and is working hard to keep his grades up. He has plans for the summer to spend time in Indiana working for Uncle Todd and in Oklahoma working for Grandpa. Basically whoever will pay him will get to see him most! HA HA

Hope is doing pretty well in Kindergarten. She is one of the youngest so we questioned sending her this year. She is doing good work and is one of the top readers in the class but is still having a hard time paying attention. She went to a mini cheerleading clinic this weekend and will get to cheer Tuesday at the highschool basketball game halftime. She is also signed up for soccer and starts practice in one week. I am not sure she understands yet that she will have to actually have to play the game. At this point she is only in it for the trophy.

Tandy, thanks for setting up this blog! I love being able to hear about what is going on with everyone. I promise I will do my best to keep posting too.


Melissa said...

Oh man, can't believe he didn't get the job in Edmond! That would have been great!!!

Granny Annie said...

Yea! Now we know we can look to hear from you on holidays! We hope to be high bidders on both the kiddos!