Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's me!

It's great to have this opportunity to share with family. Thanks Tandy, for providing it and inviting us on board! Your mother will truly be amazed that I have weighed in on this since I remain silent most of the time when it comes to internet communications.

Elaine and I have been recovering in our local infirmary from both respiratory and intestinal distresses. You certainly don't want me to go into the details but I am happy to report we are now doing well and feel we are no longer contagious. Tonight we will celebrate Calin's 19th birthday and tomorrow we will join Martin and his clan around the TV for the Super Bowl. My stomach is now ready for the hot wings! Bring 'em on!

We flew to Florida on January 16 and spent several days with Melinda, Paul and Jared. Melinda had a couple of days off and we had a great, relaxing visit.

Who ever had the idea that retired geezers have nothing to do? They were wrong! I hope to keep in touch through the blog.



Granny Annie said...

Yes brother, I am amazed! I am also glad to hear that you and Elaine are well.

Elenore said...

Belated sympathy to you and Elaine for your recent plagues. Yuck!