Friday, April 4, 2008

the jones kids in l.a.

well, travis is off in Australia learning to boogie board without me! we had a wonderful time. we are both fans of taking it easy on vacation as opposed to being busy during every second. we watched a lot of South Park and ate a lot of food :) we went to the Griffith Observatory and got to see Saturn through a huge 16ft telescope! we also went to LACMA to see their new Contemporary Art collection - very cool!
travis always gets jealous of me because of the food i get to eat here in l.a. we had delicious sushi, burritos, hamburgers, cajun, argentinean and other assorted goodies :)
we didn't go to the beach - sadly it was a bit chilly for that. besides, he'll get plenty of that overseas!
all in all - it was a great trip!

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Granny Annie said...

How long was Travis with you? Did he celebrate his birthday in LA or in Australia? It sure sounds like you two siblings had fun. Wish I could have been a little birdie.