Sunday, April 13, 2008

bad daddy

As I was reading through my last post I realised that I had failed to mention Dillon's latest drama class production. The class presented the play Where the Lilies Bloom on friday evening. Dillon was not the lead in this one but did I wonderful job with his part. As he told me, "There are no small parts. Only small actors". The play was a drama and I must say that it was incredable. It was a story about a family of orphaned children in the smokey mountains the did not want to be taken away from their home by the county so they hid their fathers death. managed to secure thier family home and the land it sat on. And survive the winter. Quite a feat for four kids in the 1960's. I was proud of all the kids for putting on such a wonderful show. The picture is Dillon and his friend Blake after the show. The boy one the left is one of Ryan and Dillon's best friends David. he was not in the play but came to support his friend :-)

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Granny Annie said...

You can tell at a glance that Dillon did a wonderful job in his character role. We had no idea about this and are so proud of Dillon!