Monday, March 3, 2008


Tandy and the kids visited us this weekend. It seems like ages since we have seen Ryan, Dillon and Beth.

Ryan is 6' 1".

Dillon is 5' 7".

Beth is 5' 3".

Thankfully Beth is still a little shorter than her Granny Annie.

All three have stories of romance and tragedy and grades and band and contest scores and every tale had a happy ending or at least an ending with optimism.

They brought the DVDs of play, You're A Good Man CHARLIE BROWN and we watched Ryan's wonderful Linus performance again.

I enjoyed cooking and feeding everyone.

They enjoyed making us laugh. Tandy, Ryan, Dillon and Beth together are a single entity of entertainment. It doesn't matter if you think they are funny -- they KNOW they are funny!

It was a beautiful two days of sunshine and warmth.

Today it is snowing but this Granny is still warm from the weekend memories.

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Jessi said...

travis will be crushed if ryan catches up to his 6'4" mark...