Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here it is. My first Blog. Tandy sent me an invitation today; so, here I am. Since I have no idea about the proper blog guidelines I will follow those set forth by Michael. I mean he is interested in particle physics, relative time, and Ministry!?!. Talk about cool stuff. Anyway. Here it goes....

Hello to everyone! I sure wish I could have been at Ann's little farm for Easter. Ham and "fluff", whatever that is, sounds good... well, at least if Ann had not cooked the ham, not because she is not an amazing chef, but because she should have the chance to relax. Instead, I have been working on a few projects. The most promising of which is a new partitioning of space around atoms.  I've also been attempting to link the quantum mechanical view of molecules with classical equations of force, and I've been exploring the quantum mechanics of various solid state phenomena. In short, I guess I am a bit like Mike, spending my time trying to understand wave(particle) physics. Christiane seems to think thats not good dinner conversation though. So, I'll talk about "fun" stuff instead.

This weekend I'll be going out to LA to see my big sister. She tells me we are going for sushi and burritos, two of the two food groups. I am very excited. If you have not been to see her you should go! My first trip out there was over thanksgiving and it was a blast. While the police helicopter was a bit unnerving, calling Ann and convincing her that Jessi had made up the fact that Keith, Christiane, and I were there really made up for it. Just imagine how fun that was! Now, she will deny believing that, but trust me, she thought poor Jessi was delusional... This time Christiane won't be with me though, but after seeing Jessi I will be off to Sydney to meet up with her. She has been doing some work bringing the analytical lab at the university of new south wales up to speed on her method. We will go boogie boarding, but I am more interested in riding some sort of strange animal (it will make my boss jealous). Barring being eaten by a sharp, bitten by some extremely poisonous animal (come on, since when are mammals poisonous?), or death rolled by a crocodile, I'll let you guys know how it was. 

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Granny Annie said...

What a neat post! As always, I wish I could speak your language. Your birhtday will be such fun on the 31st celebrating in LA with your sis. Can't wait to hear all about it and your trip down under!